My husband come from Fes in Marroco

A glass of tea,sun,friendly and happies of Marocco - Good glass with a silver plate, and the best friends of the world.I was likely to go to Morocco in 1980, in Fès where I remained 4 months, and in Marakech where I remained 2 months.People best in the world, altruistic and more convivial.I never found another environment that it elsewhere, go, it does not have there only the couscous like known as so well Gad ELmaleh, but of the tajines, the brigs, of pelletized, of the exceptional fruits, ceramics, the carpets, gold, the invaluable stones worthy of the tale"Thousand and one night".Small groups musical with the tempo of the derbouka, environment garantued.If God wants I will go back a day.Good Aïd there to all  Moroccan friends, and a richer year 2007 of happiness, health and money. French we had forgotten you, hope that this year, we will find ourselves to repair this lapse of memory and to gather to us in front of good glass of mint tea and small cakes as you know so well do.Hello Morocco, city of the millenia.
December 30, 2006 3:09pm CST
Later after 1980, i don't think than one day i go to married with a marrocan man.He was younger than me and i stay with him 6 years ago, but now we're separated.He characters was so fine and he was a very pretty boy.What does it happened, i suppose our family was not in accordance for this union. Now we have a baby who is 2years old, it is the copy from his father and he is funny like him.I don't know what it happened in futur, but my husband i love him too and our baby is a beautiful baby of my life. Can be one day we will return together, can be one day we will divorce, but neither one nor the other, we thought of it separated naturally as if it were logical.I moved and it left, one tell oneself with the telephone, then we lost sight of the fact ourselves. The family, the friends and alcohol were right of our couple.but I did not know and he either which decision should take to us.
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@flowie (134)
• South Africa
15 Feb 08
I visited Fez, and did find that the men in Fez are very family orientated and women do not mean much, if you do not become one of them when it comes to religion you don't realy stand a chance. Morroco is a strange place, i got bothered by men all the time, asking me if i want to get married, and how many camels must they give my mother, they will follow you, wistle, and make comments, even the Hotel owner tried to get into my friends pants. I am sure you get lovely men in Marroco but personaly i have not met one, all i know it is a amazing country to visit, with its colours and textures, but the people will try and cheat you around every corner to make a buck.