Do you know how the Federal Reserve controls you?

United States
December 30, 2006 4:10pm CST
Watch these films: Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve The Money Masters In the 1890's, Pavlov did an experiment and noticed that dogs would associate food with a bell. When the bell rang, the dogs would salivate in antipation of the food. Are humans any different? When people see money, they get excited, but we have to ask ourselves what's the cost and who's pulling the strings? Do the research and see who sits on the board of the federal reserve. Bernanke and Greenspan are two of the most famous, and they have manipulated the USA economy for their own covert agendas. If we are slaves to money, are we truly free?
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@efreddy (250)
• Belgium
23 Mar 07
It's very easy to critism the FED,the intrest rates are too high or too low,there 's too much money in the system so there's too much inflation,there's too little money in the system so the FED killed the economy etc... It's a fact that the policy in the years from 1929 to 1935 were too restrictive and the FED makes a lot of depression then,but the FED had learned from it. It's a fact that the FED knows now they know too little about economics to know what they must do the next years,but they kwow enough to see the sign when they had to react when they react in a reasonal time. The FED controls in any way us,but the FED is controlled by the signs of the economic too. The question if we are slaves to money,are we really free depends on the fact how far you go with the flow and let yourself be the slave of money,we need money and so we should be in some kind a slave of it in any case,but we are free to choose how much we want to be a slave of it. Bernanke and Greenspan could manipulated the USA economy in some way,but the people all together choose how much they can manipulate. So the people could manipulate the FED chairman too.
• United States
18 Jul 07
I completely agree with you. It is extremely difficult to criticize the fed, but we must not fall into that trap and look at the economy right now. We are seeing a complete housing crash, rapid rises in food prices, and increasing energy prices, but still the consumer seems to be resilient, growth is robust, and the Dow has hit 14k.
@efreddy (250)
• Belgium
31 Mar 07
Another parodie on the Fed chairman Bernanke is the song from Dean Glenn Hubbard : Every Breath Bernanke Takes. Every breath you take every change of rate Jobs you don't create while we still stagflate I'll be watching you.