Have you ever wondered about the world?

December 30, 2006 4:16pm CST
Have you ever wondered about the world? Have you ever sat down for a minute and tried to comprehend why do we exist, why do others exist and how all this was created? As for me I do it almost everyday. I tend to think our universe is not just a group of atoms, not an accident, but a place built for us. I believe in a superior being, someone who created the universe. I believe we have a purpose in life and that all things that happen have a meaning. I also believe in destiny, although I believe we can control our own at some extent. And you? When you sit back on your bed, glance the blue sky through the windows, what do you think?
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@Rachcaa (163)
30 Dec 06
I often wonder what the purpose of human life is. Not the purpose of indivdual life but human life on mass. Why are we here? Is there a purpose for us? Who knows!
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• Portugal
30 Dec 06
Thanks for your comment. I guess they will always be questions without a true answer, but that's what makes the world beautiful. Mistery and suspense can be good ingredients in a novel, maybe that's also true for life. If we all knew what we were supposed to do that would take the fun out of living...