Superman Vs Spiderman

September 27, 2006 11:48pm CST
which one do u think is a better superhero ...spiderman or superman..?? i think superman is better coz he's the strongest superhero and he's intelligent too ;)
2 responses
• Kochi, India
17 Jul 12
Superman is incompatible with this world.His villains are also too powerful.But Spiderman is a closer to reality kind of hero,just like batman.There is no competition here,but I think spider man is witty enough not to fight with Supes.Spidy will get squashed.But I like spider,his greatest power is his comedy,Supes don't have it.
• India
11 Oct 06
I have to agree that superman is more powerful than spiderman.. but i just love Spiderman. Superman has got too much power.