What we all do ?

December 30, 2006 7:43pm CST
Hey, i m very curious about people, specially of my age group, i want to know what they do, what different things they do, what do they want to get in their lives, what do they run after, what is so special that they think no else does xpt for them???? I am 18, and i am studying software engineeing and fashion design. 3 days for fashion 3 for software engineering. i m taking 2 year courses for both. apart from these things... i have an outsourcing website and a cousin in America, i work with him and we togather outsource products to Pakistan and India. We are linked with many call centers. i started this thing when i went for a job after completing my high skool exams. i worked in a call center for around 7 months. i love music and i learn guitar...infact i try to... i watch movies, indian and hollywood both. i just love watching movies... i really dont like supernatural and movies with fiction as a subject. i have no girl friends rite now :D and i only do have 2 friends. This is what i do ... wat about you ?
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