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September 28, 2006 12:27am CST
hey sportsmen out there! i am torn between using a dinghy and an outrigger banca in inshore fishing. i live in the philippines, and outriggers are the norm. it hjas its advantages i know but disadvantages also.i want to trailer home my boat after fishing because i dont have a boatslip and want to see my boat safe all the time. the question is CAN ANYONE TELL ME HIS PREFERENCE, THE ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES OF A DINGHY AND/OR AN OUTRIGGER BANCA? will wait for your assitance. thanks.
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@vipul20044 (5796)
• India
8 Oct 06
i dont know as i am not aware of anything regarding that
• Philippines
16 Oct 06
yo, vipul. where are you from? i can't believe you don't know anything about banca and dinghy. i suppose those terms are not known to you because you call small boats by another name in your country or locality. actually both are just small boats. bancas are dugout canoes at the simplest construction, while dinghys are small manufactured boats. outriggers are bamboo or wood floats tied to the banca to keep it stable. dugouts are known everywhere, and dinghies are used in inland waters. so what are your terms for them?