parami-papr-paramyog, get your wishes fullfilled

December 30, 2006 11:45pm CST
P3Y is something that created by Paramji, Alias His Holiness. I am doing Papr since 1997. If you do Papr, I can guarantee that you will receive whatever you ask for. That means anything. Please try it out! It does not hurt you and you may finally achieve the mental piece you desire. P3y gives peace, prosperity & progress. Paramji says: 'Idle's wish will not be fulfilled. I am for those who work hard and still they do not achieve their target ...Anything is possible...Ask & U will get it. The Invisible Power i.e. 'Siddhi' of Paramji is given on credit. Papr is for those who are diligent. Papr leads to success. It avoids troubles & misery. For more, write to Papr contains 11 sentences[=11 Paprva. To fulfill your desire, you speak Papr. Maximum Desires are Fulfilled by P3Y . Must Try. PAPR 1. Paramam Saranam Gachami. 2. Hansam Saranam Gachami. 3. Adwaitam Saranam Gachami. 4. Anandam Saranam Gachami. 5. Charanam Saranam Gachami. 6. Hey Paramji. 7. Mujh Par Kripa Karo. 8. Sir Jhukakar Paramji Ko Namaskar Karta Hoon. 9. Speak your own desire 10. As Soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will give exact amount of Rupees or $To Paramji, Alias His Holiness. 11. As Soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will explain P3Y to Exact Number of New Persons. Paprva 9,10 & 11,you can speak in your language. But Paprva 1 to 8, you have to speak ditto, as it is a code. Papr is for diligent. Papr leads to success. It avoids troubles & misery. It changes the fortune for the good. Initially, consider Papr, as Power selling shop. No need of faith in using it. Power, you can use for your any good desire i.e. for business, family life, to find a good match, better education of children, to get better result in Exams, personal matter, health, mental peace, wealth, social life, safety, to avoid troubles, etc. When U learn Papr, P3Y is for u, with u, always. P3Y is for industrious. Please Work hard to achieve ur aim. Don't expect anything free in this world. The best thing of the world, you can't get free. Since 1940 -To - 2002 -October - 99% Success. Paprva 9. Desires For Paprva - 9th 9.1 Empower this Water to reduce my pain. 9.2 Empower this Water to reduce the pain of theperson who drinks it. 9.3 Save me / us. Accident etc. 9.4 Grant me safe journey today. 9.5 Grant me Success. Victory etc. 9.6 Grant me more Income 9.7 Grant me Mental Peace Today. 9.8 Grant me Peace in my family Today. Paprva 10. Exact Amount For Paprva - 10th 10.1 1% To. 50% of Today Income 10.2 1 - Day - To - 365 - Days Income 10.3 1 - Rupee / One US Dollar ... To...Million, Billion ... Trillion ... No limit Paprva 11. Exact Number of Persons for Paprva -11th 11.1 - New Person To - 100 New Persons 11.2 - e-mail. To 100..e-mails to New Persons. 11.3 Fax. To .100 - Fax to New Persons 11.4 P3Y Class - 1 - To - 100 For p3y class, mail razneesh2002@yahoo.comP3Y class at your place. 11.5 All Other media that you can afford, forP3Y publicity. ------------------------------------------------------- You do Papr, write it down-sentences 9,10,11 in a notebook/diary with date. Name that book- as PAPR BOOK. So that U can check, whether it works or not. It also indicates, U are diligent/careful. By Papr, ur all good wishes will be fulfilled earlier. You try Papr for ur few desires/problems. You compare. See the result. When your desire is fulfilled by Papr, you thank Paramji, for His invisible supernatural help. Deposit His cash, the money of sentence 10, that you had promised in Paprava sentence 10, in a separate bank account on your name for Paramji. For more, write to ------------------------------------------------------- ParamYog gives inner peace. Charanam Saranam Gachami.
4 responses
@hariharbhat (1312)
• India
30 Jan 07
Hey friend you are trying to brain wash.It is in Nature and it's blessings to the people that when you concentrate on a single object for 10 to 15 minutes,the peace begins to enter the mind of that person.But somehow the people are stuck in the vicious cycle of life that they are not able to find peace. The people who are not able to concentrate will not be able to chant the subject you have given.It is all brainwash of all the religions with different methods but all are based on the same principles of Nature. The easiest way, you can try : Sit in a silent place and yell at some object with whatever comes out from your mouth.See the relief. The results of good luck,money,success etc is the result of your good deeds and thoughts of the life.It comes and goes whatever you do or not.It is also bound by it's rules of Nature and man has no powers to change the tides of ocean.
@harsh1985 (593)
• India
1 Jan 07
it's weird.i am hearing such type technique first time!! but it is difficult every person will read this completely in mylot better is that you address it in the conference hall. better understanding is done!! anyways nice topic and thank you
@sagarbx (732)
• India
1 Jan 07
happy to heaeer here the sanskrit words............... great idea...................
• United States
1 Jan 07
many people pray to gods,angels,and pray to a god of this will get some things of this world to distract you from eturnity.Your belife in this marrage has made you powerless and will take your life in the end.One of lucifers greatest acomplishments.The morning star.Slow and suttle.just enough truth to make it sound good."Take thease lies and make them true..somehow"