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December 31, 2006 1:17am CST bunch of hypocrites. Firstly we in the USA do not condone this type of treatment to another human being. While it is true that the "other side" has been much crueler, the American government and the American people will not tolerate this type of behavior. Why do I ay hypocrites? Because it is the sneaky moderators that will use pictures that the USA is not proud of yet the "chief hypocrite" will not allow talk of 19*89 let alone pictures. The USA bashers on this site were doing such a poor job on their attack on America...they need the Mods to help them. Let’s see what you guys think about your friend Saddam- "Saddam has, through the RCC, issued a series of decrees establishing severe penalties (amputation, branding, cutting off of ears, or other forms of mutilation) for criminal offences. In mid-2000, the RCC approved amputation of the tongue as a Torture new penalty for slander or abusive remarks about the President or his family. These punishments are practised mainly on political dissenters. Iraqi TV has broadcast pictures of these punishments as a warning to others." Now if you want to talk about torture...start here.
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