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@feralcat (426)
December 31, 2006 8:11am CST
For those who are into rescue and also feral cat colony management I wanted to share some if the things I keep on hand for emergencies and so on. You never know when you will run into a cat that requires quick thinking to save his life and I find that at times when rescue mode kicked in and creates confusion and I have problems thinking clearly. Some of the things I keep on hand for emergecies are: Corn syrup Cat/Kitten Rebound KMR Formula 3CCs, 6CCs, 12CCs syringes 4x Pet Tinic Cephalexin, Amoxicillin, Clavamox Saline nose drops (human baby drops all natural drops) Nutri Cal & Felovite (these rak high in my rescue kit) Bach Rescue Remedy Supplements Albon StrongidT Pyr-a-pam Drontal There are other items and some listed that really aren't part of the kit. I've found a cat this past summer who was in convulsions suffering heatstroke. I immediately started off with a mixture of corn syrup, felovite, and pedialite (3CCs at a time) every hour on the hour but unfortunately I was too late. From dehydration and heatstroke I don't know how long the cat had been out there but I like to think that I was able to at least show this feral cat that someone gave a damn about her enough to not try and help her live. These items are great to have on hand and many times I have been able to save feral cats through quick thinking and the use of some of these things.
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@pendragon (3351)
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31 Dec 06
Great kit,I fidn that kittens that start out on KMR milk replacement grow into quite sturdy cats!
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1 Jan 07
I have a cat but just recently became a cat owner .I am more a dog person I know that with dogs a emergancy treatment for heat stroke is to make a enema with pedilite or if nothing else water .If gets the core temp down which is the most important it should not be cold just cool water to not cause shoock it also replaces water though the intestines .This is really kinda a last chance thing but when saving a life you do what you gotta .