Saddam Hussain had to go one day to another God World

@ilyasjan (803)
December 31, 2006 8:33am CST
As you all knows, Saddan Hussain was hanged. all knows, this the way to go everyone on this way from this furnished world which makes many to get many wishes and we all forgot that way. now what you know all the religious about execution of Sadam, some will say right it is, but some will not eccept this right. i accept that may be he will able for.. but i would like to tell you that the hanging day of Saddan was the day of all muslim to pay Haj which muslim attend it once in the year in MACCA. this time is very the sadness time for execution of saddam. allso appreciable things is at the time that the time he not wear mass and they use to call Allahakbar (Got is great) hanging time. plz what is your idea about this, this behaviour is good in mind for all religious. you love your religious only? you not love all humans..........
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