no room for politicians in china

@andygogo (1579)
December 31, 2006 9:37am CST
Politicians would like us all to believe democracy is as indispensible as the air we breath and the water we drink. But democracy are causing class and ethnic divides, not to mention being used as battle cries in wars of aggression. The politicians seem to thrive on such social disharmony by preying on the majority's whim. But their real aim is to take care of no. 1. As for the people, it's much easier to wish for their campaign promises than to clean up the nightmares they cause once elected. The nightmares, in turn, justify their continued existence. The vicious cycle thus never ends. Opposite to a meritocracy, where the ruling elders may need to suppress the people for their own good, the democratic politicians make everybody happy for their own bad. Their greatest crime is making people content with their negative existences. One common ploy is the separation of church and state. This makes the shady politicians shine through around the blood-thirsty, kill-or-be-killed religionists. Historically, China has somehow escaped this man-made plight. Chinese believe Nature would always provide a solution. China is meant to be led by capable elders, based on experience and fairness. The occasional intrusions by outside nonbelievers were only their expressions of aggression. Such aggressive few were actually in a race, to become civilized, against their own self-destruction. In a harmonious society, there simply is no slot in the social hierarchy to fit them. This especially speaks for the modern day politicians. I've just overheard some economist on TV proposing America should import as many scientiests and engineers as possible. He also mentioned that most Chinese leaders are technical professionals, but America's are lawyors and, when things get really lucky, a movie star or two. Well, China better make sure: the engineers can go, but no politians can come. So far, China has imported militarism, religions, capitalism and technology from the West. But there simply is no room for politicians.
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