2006 Year of CHINDIA

@andygogo (1579)
December 31, 2006 12:02pm CST
CD reported on the Sino-Indian joint bids for oil: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/eng ... /content_510289.htm 2006 is the "China India Friendship Year". China and India have been trading with each other for a thousand years. In many ways, this bilateral relationship enriched both cultures. For example, India gave China Bhuddism. This is the century that both countries are set to bounce back to take their place in the world as pre-eminent economies and cultures. There are significant barriers and hurdles to overcome for both countries, we shouldn't underestimate that, but I believe a cooperative approach will be the most mutually effective and productive way forward. I regret that India was not party to the recent East Asia Forum. Enagaging and embracing India in the East Asia Forum is a good move. India is a Western oriented economy with much to offer. Let's welcome India to the "Year of Friendship".
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