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@wetpet (45)
United States
December 31, 2006 12:14pm CST
Since I'm off work this week, I was bored and while looking around my gmail account I found that I can publish free web pages. What a surprise this was! Free pages are usually bogged down with those annoying, flasher ads or some other obnoxious thing, but I decided to check it out anyway since I didn't have anything better to do. I opened their google Page Creator, a special web editor for google, and found a couple templates that suited my fancy. Now I had a major problem... what the heck was I going to fill this page up with... my t'shirts are at owlsetc and it's the only place I sell, so I started out with a page on graphics by beth. That one was easy because I know what I do and it's mainly aimed at directing traffic to my shirts, mugs, hats. etc. Now I was into this website thing and I got carried away and I now have a 5 page website. I found I could add little gadgets and gizmos, so I needed pages to utilize my newfound knowledge. Thus developed my collection box. Some of the more interesting things I've written are there, plus a cartoon that changes daily all by itself, which means I don't have to remember to go in there every day and make sure it's different. There's also an introduction page that's short and explains who I am plus a page of my favorite places (not just a page of links, but explanations as to why I like them). Next I decided to try my luck at using some of the google gadgets. Sudoku is a hot game right now, so I now have a page devoted exclusively to Sudoku games. There's 3 games, each has its own level of skill, easy, medium and killer. An interesting quirk to me was... you can play this game online, on my page and it gives you hints and also if you want a different board, you can hit new and a completely new game will come up but the skill level remains the same. Cool, huh? If you have gmail, and you are like me and did not realize these free pages exist, I'm here to inform you that they do. The best thing about these free pages is there is no outside advertising on them. No flashing banners! No advertising at all unless you put them there, which is basically unheard of for free websites. If you're like me and want to put up a free website, with virtually no strings attached other than a gmail account (that's free too), you can check my site ( to verify that I'm not trying to sell you anything, nor am I kidding about the lack of banners. You don't have to be a genius to use the Page Creator, nor do you need to know html. It's easy to create pages with pictures, links and content without having to write any code at all. I thought I'd share this information with you because I've had a gmail account for over five years and this week was the first time I did anything other than check and send mail and I even asked 5 of my friends who have gmail accounts and I don't feel so stupid now because they did not know this existed either and they have pages on other sites with those nasty banner things across the top that annoy you to death. I hope some of you find this useful! I know I sure did.
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