Does anyone here suffer from Adenomyosis?

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December 31, 2006 3:08pm CST
I've recently been diagnosed with Adenomyosis at the age of 27. I had a c-section 2 years ago and thought the pain i was feeling was just lingering effects from that surgery. However, things evolved into extreme tenderness and really irregular periods. I had a laparoscopy done a month ago and in addition to a paratubal cyst, they discovered signs of adenomyosis ( which i've been told is quite similar to endometriosis). My doctor's solution is a partial hysterectomy, at my discretion. He's not real anxious to do one on someone my age, but if i decide its what i want done, he'll do it. I'm curious, will a hysterectomy cure me from all of this? Are there other alternatives? Has anyone else had a hysterectomy before age 30 - and if so, was it worth it?
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2 Jan 07
i wouldn't jump right to a hysterctomy at such a young age, i'd conslut another doctor and get a second opinion.