@cooky28 (739)
December 31, 2006 4:17pm CST
why is it these days that teenagers have so much trouble communicating with there parents,i know not every body does but there are quite a number of them.
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@marlyse (1056)
• Switzerland
24 Mar 07
what i see here is, that most of the parents dont have time for their children. they dont know what they do the whole day, because both are working and the children are alone at home. its sad to see when my kids brought their friends home, they lokked vers shocked when we had our talks and i did know whats going on.
@JC1969 (1226)
• United States
18 Jan 07
I think teens have problems talking and communicating with their parents because often open communication was never established. Many parents come off as the rulers or the authoritarian, and they shut down on listening to their children. It's their way, and they fail to listen to the child. This causes the child to not go to them, and pushes them more toward their peers when it comes to advice, which can lead them into misguided choices. Sometimes as parents, we need to stop and listen. That doesn't mean we are going to bend the rules or give into all their wants, but it shows them that we respect what they have to say, and if they are willing to put their guards down and allow us into their lives, then we owe them the respect to listen. I know my own teens (19, and 15) come to me and their father about everything and anything. I cherish that fact, and am so glad that they trust us enough to allow us to guide them and trust the fact that we will always give them the proper tools to go forth and make the best and better decisions for their lives. Hopefully, my 6 year old will follow the same suit as her older brother and sister.
• United States
13 Jan 07
Welcome to the human condition. The reason teens do that is they are growing up and need to think for themselves and not run every little detail by their parents. They have a need to prove they can do it by themselves. I see it as a good thing as long as you make sure they can reach out to you if they need to. Harrassing them, bugging them or nagging them only makes it worse. They have to come to you of their own free will. Or as my mom used to say, "If I haven't taught you enough so that you know how to behave by now, then I haven't done a very good job." I took that as a vote of confidence and made sure she didn't regret her faith in me.
@jackf501 (853)
• Malaysia
1 Jan 07
maybe they too shy with their parent and prefer to talk with their friends