The best My Chemical Romance song

December 31, 2006 4:54pm CST
What is the best My Chemical Romance song? My personal favorite is "Vampires Will Never Hurt You"
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@xelissa (776)
• New Zealand
3 Feb 07
Helena, Famous last words, welcome to the black parade, can't choose out of them, they're too cool! But for clips, I'd definitely go for Helena xD
• United States
2 Feb 07
Wel I lovehow raw Vampires Will Never Hurt You sounds... but off of all the albums my fave songs are: Cemetary Drive... Cancer... Teenagers... Blood... Disenchanted... Our Lady[not writing full title]... Demolition lovers... vampires.... and a lot more but yeah perfectness lol
@asim123 (30)
• Pakistan
30 Jan 07
i think all of songs of my chemical romance are kool, but anywayz i like "my last famous words".......coz its rox...voclas plus melody is great.
@cersei (62)
• United States
29 Jan 07
My favorite song is Early Sunsets Over Monroeville. I find it really emotional for whatever reason, plus I really like the theme behind the lyrics.
• Singapore
27 Jan 07
For me it will be The Ghost of You followed by I Never Told You What I Do For A Living.
• Singapore
27 Jan 07
For me it will be Ghost of You followed by I Never Told You What I Did For A Living.
@dsimms6 (206)
• United States
24 Jan 07
black parade
@plaknas (12)
• India
24 Jan 07
my favourite songs are to the end, give 'em hell kid, helena and demolition lovers..........i am not in love with the new album-black parade
• Romania
21 Jan 07
oh my god it s so hard to pic one......i have listened to alll three albums.......and each album in my opinion is better than tha last one......buti thibk that vampires will never hurt you is the best song from the first album.......then helena was a song i fell in love with from 3 cheers ......and from the black parade i think mama is my fav .......
• United States
21 Jan 07
My favorite My Chemical Romance songs would have to be Welcome to the Black Parade and Helena. I really love these songs because they are first songs tat I ever heard on the two cds I own of them. After the first time i heard them, I just fell in love with them.
@momus8 (92)
20 Jan 07
I love their song "Welcome to the black parade", it sound good and the videos look cool aswell.
• Philippines
19 Jan 07
welcome to the black parade! MCR totally rock!
@tokster (165)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
I listened to the whole was ok just ok for me. The only ear popping song for me was the hit Black Parade.
• Italy
14 Jan 07
My favorite song is Welcome to the Black Parade. I like My CHemical Romance
@bumble28 (28)
8 Jan 07
i think that the best song is famous last words
• Philippines
8 Jan 07
i like "cancer" and "welcome to the black parade."
@flikkenni (537)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 07
I like Welcome to the black parade. This is my favorite my chemical romance song. But i think the other song in this albums are great too. I hope my chemical romance became one of the best band in the world.
@Kalachia (230)
• United States
7 Jan 07
I am in *LOVE* with Demolition Lovers. The words are so sweet, and mixed in with the low music, and then the drum makes my heart melt...
@NeishaB (41)
• United States
5 Jan 07
Personally I like the songs Helena, Welcome to the Black Parade, and I also like the song Mama.
@MusicOnly (330)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
2 Jan 07
My favorites are The Ghost Of You, You know what they do to guys like us in prison, vampires will never hurt you, demolition lovers, cemetary drive and from new album i like Welcome to the black parade, Mama, i dont love you.