Twelve Ways to Holiday Health and Happiness

December 31, 2006 6:37pm CST
As the holidays approach life seems more hectic and busy. Below are reminders to help keep perspective and enjoy what the holidays are truly about. Keep celebrations and traditions fun! Simple and enjoyable are keys to success. Find a way to connect with long distance loved ones. Recognize the loss of someone close to you. Do something simple, yet meaningful for others. This is the season of giving. Enjoy family time. Slow down from the hustle and bustle to enjoy playing games, sharing seasonal stories, baking holiday treats, or singing carols. Be watchful of consuming too many sweets. Continue with regular stress management skills. Utilize your relaxation techniques to calm yourself during the stressful season. Appreciate small celebrations. Sit and watch the snow fall, make a snowman, drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Set realistic expectations for yourself. Realize that you need to set limits on what you want and can do for others and yourself. Practice patience with yourself and others. Many people are rushed during this time, being patient can go along way in keeping your own and other’s stress level down. Help yourself and others by spreading out commitments and celebrations. Schedule some events even after the holidays. Focus less on gift giving. Treating friends and family kindly all year outweighs the gifts received. Give yourself a gift. Do something you enjoy, even just having quiet time to yourself.
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