paying it forward

United States
December 31, 2006 8:59pm CST
Was anyone watching TV the other night when they were talking about the movie where the little boy tryed to get people to "Pay it Forward"? You remember, where if someone did something nice for you you then had to do something nice for 3 TOTAL starangers for no reason at all. "Random Acts of Kindness" Even 'Oprah' talks about it all the time. I have a Foundation I started 2 years ago where I put people in need with people that fill the need. I do it for free. I don't get paid, I pay my own phone and internet. I just do it because it makes me happy. You know there are people that actually find that hard to believe. On top of that I am sick and spend 90% of my time in bed and in pain. But I feel that there is no reason for me not to be helpful to people. I have a son that is also handicapped and I worry about him. I am also doing mystery shopping on my good days to bring in my extra money. After all I am on Social Security and as we all know it isn't very much. So as I tell the people I help, I am really not much better off then they are. That is why I do this foundation. I have been threw the "System", I know that they fall short of helping the everyday person. Yes they help with emergency things like rent and some things. But they don't help with car repairs, furniture, clothing or uniforms for schools. Pet food or vet trips they don't even want to hear about. But to some people their pet may be all the family they have. How hard would it be for you to buy extra shampoo, laundry detergent, body soap, tooth paste every time you shop. Then once a month take a ride to a bad part of town where there are missions where the homeless are and give out the collected extras? Pick up a extra can of peas when they are 3 can for a dollar. Random acts of kindness are so easy. And at the end of the day you get to go home and sleep peacefully knowing that you did one small act. you put back some faith in a person that had lost their way. Just by walking up to a total stranger and handing them a bag of much needed food and something to clean their body and clothing could change their entire day. And your entire life!
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@darckj (885)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
I had watched the movie thrice. First, it was in our boarding house, then i watched it again at home. the second time i view it, i skip the stabbing part! I don't want to cry again for the second time again, you know. The third time i saw it, it was in our seminar. the movie is being played for the poarticipants to see the importance of life, and how people affects one another.
@ishtiyak (19)
• Canada
5 Jan 07
I have seen this movie several times, the concept is really good. It everyone start following this concept then our planet would become awesome place...
@aimee750 (1117)
• United States
5 Jan 07
I have watched that movie several times and have had my daughter watch it too. I think it has such a wonderful moral lesson that everyone should watch it. We take things to the food shelf and the church mission room about 8-10 times a year. It does make us feel like we are helping a little bit. Every little bit adds up right.