Wrestle mania 22

December 31, 2006 10:21pm CST
hey people wassup? Wrestle mania the event that comes once in a year! ... every match is a main event in it, last year was wasome this time its gonne be mind blowing .... so what u people suggest what's goin to be the main event? I wana see the dead man in the hell in a cell match for champion ship match!
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1 Jan 07
it been rumoured the undertaker will win the royal rumble and face bastista the title vs undertakers wrestlemania steak
• Pakistan
2 Jan 07
wow really it would be an awsome match but i doubt the undertaker loosing, he is the cornner stone of wwe n then has a streak of never loosing at wrestle mania. I also think that DX will come to an end by wm22
@mkkid28 (267)
3 Jan 07
it is Wrestlemania 23 this year yeah it is rumoured Undertaker vs Batista and a few spoilers said that Taker may loose (at the time of the info leak) i dont think they would do a Hell In A Cell at mania they havent done one since WM15 at a mania i think, they just have them for other shows now to get more ppv orders also hogan vs big show was rumored a few months back to be in memory of the match 20 years earlier from WM3 Andre vs Hogan. Big Show is set to return at mania but things could change