How do you grow seedless grapes if they don't have seeds ?

@patootie (3593)
January 1, 2007 6:38am CST
I'm sure we all had a bowl of fruit set out for Christmas nibbling .. along with the nuts and chocolates .. And when I was eating some delicious seedless grapes I got to wondering how they grow seedless grapes if they don't have seeds in them ... or what kind of strange process the grapes might go through to make sure there are no seeds .. So as usual I turned to google to find the answer ... I was expecting some weird growing technique or treatment, but I was astonished to find that my seedless grapes really do have seeds in them .. Can't be true I thought and pulled a grape apart to check if what I had read was in fact the answer .. and there they were .. those little 'jelly like' blobs in the middle of seedless grapes are in reality the grapes seeds .. they are just soft and squishy rather than being hard and pithy (hey that rhymed!) ... So there we are ... seedless grapes really do have seeds .. fancy that !
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@perugu (5279)
• India
1 Jan 07
hi,you know either seedless or grapes having seed,both are planted fron cuttings of a previous plants.grapes plants never grow from seed by farmers.they will be grown by planting of cuttings of old plants.graftings...
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@patootie (3593)
3 Jan 07
That's interesting .. I never even thought about grafting the plants on to older stock ... I'm certainly learning many things since I joined MyLot .. thank you!