Great writers need money too

United States
January 1, 2007 2:07pm CST
Does any one know of a way a freelance writer can make enough to surive, like $250 a week without a bunch of hassles and scams? I just want to work, and the things i am doing aren't enough. This is important. contact me via. thank you all.
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
1 Jan 07
Hey Andrew I would say that you need to get rid of your free website and get your own domain. One with your name or keyworded to freelance writer. You page just very non-professional and anyone that is looking for talent is going to look and leave rapidly. Your own website, done in a very simple way can say alot about you, just like free site can. If you are a talented writer you can use articles that you can create and publish that will point to your new domain and that will also get you listed in search engines extremely fast. I mean in a couple day to a week. Your talent can very quickly draw attention and with compelling content that is keyword focused on the needs of others, people that could benefit from your talent. In a very short time you could have a great income going. I noticed another post just before I starte this post saying to use a blog. Well I agree with that also. You can write in the blog daily and reference your new web site through out your posts drawing even more attention to your site. That is just the beginning but if a person has a talent then just need to know how to get infront of interested parties and that's how it starts.