thanksgiving, y just be thankful on that day or just give at christmas?

United States
January 1, 2007 4:41pm CST
i was just wondering why it has to be thanksgiving to give thanks for all that you have recived throught theyear and the days to come after all you made it to november shouldn't we give takns everyday, and lets keep it reall christmas ain't about jesus being born even though most people really aren't even sure that is when he was born, it is about who got the most gift and who got the most expensive gift, even though you have known the same people you baught gifts for all year and it just had to come down to this one day for them to get a gift from you or from them to you..........weren't they your mom or dad or best friend or brother or sister or husband or wife all year.......where are the gifts for the other 36 something days???? just a thought..........
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