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January 1, 2007 9:39pm CST
When we were planning our trip to Louisiana (1 year before Katrina), I was totally excited because I was going to be near "the beach". You see, I love "the beach". Alas, it was not to be. We have a friend that is from that area and he told me that in La, I would not find "the beach" as I, the southern California raised girl, had known. You see in La, it is the ocean and lots of...nature. Well, I love nature, but not nature with dark water, alligators and lots of wild beast type things. So, needless to say we were just going to stay in Lafayette. We stayed at the La Quinta, which was actually quite nice. At first I was a little freaked out, there was this shady looking place at the entrance, but then it opened up into like a courtyard area with good parking, lighting, pool everything. I could have done without the 2" cockroaches, but that's life. The absolute must visit, even if you are only driving through the area, is the Lafayette Convention and Visitors place. It is located at 1400 NW Evangeline Trwy. It's sort of in the middle of the road. Different, but worth it. They have the building sitting ABOVE water. It's fabulous! In the water are fish, ducks and turtles. LOTS of turtles. when you walk on the ramps, you see lily pads with flowers, and grassy areas. It is so refreshing. Kind of like nature without the danger of getting eaten by a huge man-eating beast. Oh, you can feed the ducks, turtles and fish too. Bring lots of food, because you won't want to leave!
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13 Oct 08
I know I am 2 years late to respond to this discussion. But, I live in Lafayette. If you wanted to see some interesting animals, you should have gone to the university to see the alligators. It is such a nice smell in that swamp. You see I graduated from that University - ULL. Right next door to the alligator swamp is a place you can get some grub. There ain't nothing like the smell of fresh gator while eating a burger.