What car do you use most on Carbon?

@Jlowe110 (313)
United States
January 1, 2007 10:04pm CST
I probably use my Lamborghini Mircielago. I don't play much, its a fast game. I beat it in 3 days of playing 2 hours a day. So what car doyou use?
4 responses
• Romania
10 Jan 07
Now I'm useing a Dodge Viper.
• Iran
12 Jan 07
im using mclaren mercedes,cause in most wanted i have murcielego and galardo &viper,so i try mercedes in carbon
@ahade1 (98)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 07
My first type caris tuner.. in the end its the skyline i use.. it has the best handling.. even darius i beat with this car.. then in muscle i use corvette.. then in exotic i use carrerra gt.. the best one is on muscle cause muscle car has a really good acceleration..
• India
19 Feb 07
It depends a lot on which type of race i am competing for. The three topmost cars in NFS CARBON has three different features. The marcedes-benz SLR Mclaren has the topmost speed, so I prefer it playing sprints or circuits, its monstrous speed gives you a definite advantage in canyon races also if you have sound control on it. I have defeated Darius in the canyon race with this car. The Porsche Carera GT has the best control, but with less high speed and accelaration. I havn't played a single career race with this one. And the third one, Lamborghini Murcielago, this car has a nice control as well as superb accelaration. Its top speed is less, but I personally feel that this is the best car you could have with you in the drift races.
@baloot (44)
• Malaysia
19 Jan 07
i use mustang shelby gt500, dodge charger, dodge challenge, n dodge viper... i love MUSCLE CAR.. cheers..!!