What's going on? More Tomfoolery?

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 12:25am CST
Just look at what is going on! (1) "Thunder Horse" oil platforms - wipes out 0.25mbd production base. (okay we accept this is part of British Club great show!) (2) Texas city oil refinery fires - again!!!! - (a British Club reply to the London bombing after the failed Chicago M-16 attempts) (3) "Mumbai High" oil platform explosion/fire - wipes out 0.15 mbd production base. (probably a warning to the Indian government to allow "dollarization" and reduce their ambition to have an Indian Lake since the great show of aircraft carrier in Port Klang!) (4) Another oil rig fire in North Sea - probably wipes out 0.1 to 0.25 mbd?? (reply to the Chicago M-16, and Texas city oil refinery caper) But, is it that the American predators doesn't accept the OLIVE LEAF from the British Club or that the American predators upon consulting the GOD OF MANY WAY IDOL, decided to "TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION" See! probably 0.5Mbd or more has been wipe out. This balances the Oil production excess capacity in Saudi Arabia. Iraq oil production is nearly wiped out. This is to slow growth by encouraging oil price increase. We can reduce this by DOMESTIC OIL PRODUCTION and a 20% blend to save on foreign exchange by the poorer nations. Then Predators are planning the (2) Wiping out the productive capacity of 90% of the world...Mr. Fish 40% of World's GNP? Incidents to disrupt oil supply. (1) Saudi King's death - an increase MEDIA COVERAGE on possible STRUGGLE FOR POWER IN SAUDI ARABIA. (2) Sudan "apparent accident" of Vice President Mr. Garang, threatens to "topple peace treaty" and the 500,000bpd capacity in Sudan. Incidents to disrupt FREE TRADE. (3) Now the attention of the "Moslem insurgents" is "killing MOSLEM teachers" in Southern Thailand - destabalized Straits of Malacca. (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand has formed an permenant EYE on the STrait of Malacca) -oil flow disruption, similar to Sudan and Saudi attempts at propaganda and destabalization. (4) Airport power failure in Haneda. (disrupt business travel) (5) Bio Vector attack at Sichuan. (disrupt economic activity on the 2nd most busy "construction site" in the world after Macao) - that's probably attack on the New Middle Kingdom economic activities. (6) EQUIPMENT failure an plane used by Malaysian Airline System flight from "new white cousins" -Perth, Australia. (7) Crash of French Airbus in Toronto...another EQUIPMENT FAILURE (Attack on the quality of Airbus planes??????) (8) Explosing in Tehran, on European MNC office district. (to prevent reproach of European Union + Persia trade ties?) and that's targeted at the French...and for the ASEAN core states... (9) Sudden fires in Kalimantan, Sumatra..causing haze to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore - site of Arab tourist and investors!!!! (ha ha ha RAIN CLEAR THE HAZE rather quickly....ha ha , you cannot get us lar~!) Wah! Really have to pay attention and deflect all the possible problems by Tai Chi or paying more attention to security and quality of maintenance.
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