The Great Indian Nation "joins" the "Great Game"! ha ha

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 12:51am CST
The Great Indian Nation "joins" the "Great Game"! ha ha Look like India has been quite active recently. It is telling the world, it wants to join the "Great Game". Look at the recent events. (1) India, Brazil joins traditional "Great Powers" wannabe Germany, Japan in seeking United Nations "ermanent Member" in the Security council. (Gamers talk - we want to set the "rules of the game") (2) India tell the world, that it could block Japan, Korean and Taiwan crude oil access to GCC-Arab/Persian oil lands. It's SINGLE aircraft carrier battle group just made a port call at PORT KLANG in Malaysia. (Gamers talk - Little Dragon states of the New Middle Kingdom - please note our Indian power) (3) India tested ICBM, and nukes in 2001(?), it tell the world that it can protect its nation from BIG POWER gunboat diplomacy. It tested the BRAHMOH, it tells AMERICA that it can sink the 14 aircraft carrier in its shore. (4) India makes friends with Pakistan to ensure an overland pipeline of oil and gas from Persia. It means to form an alliance with Persia, Pakistan and be the main player in South Asia. (5) Now, this part i have trouble? Big fire at "Mumbai High" producing 2/5 of INdia's domestic consumption of crude oil. What does that mean? To tell the world it has only domestic production of 250,000 barrels a day? Bring attention to the world that it consumes 1.4 Million barrels a day - and it imports some 1.15 Million barrel a day and that "cost it" US$25 billion a year or 5% of its GNP!!!!! (6) Floods in Mumbai, its financial capital - "Indian press highlights the issue - to tell the world that its financial capital is highly populous?"????? (7) President Madmohan Singh visits the United States to "agree or disagree" to "dollarized" India and make it the "back office of young nimble eyes and fingers lacking America and Europe"? Doesn't make sense. Anybody can help me here? any cheerios! I just write what i see.
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