Life Begins With Herpes!

@tulwave (174)
United States
January 2, 2007 1:05am CST
Have you ever noticed that during every commercial break during prime time television in the US, there is an ad for some type of medication? It never fails, whether it is a cold remedy, a blood treatment mecdication, or even a cure for a new disease that they are not sure exists, but if it does, they have the cure. They a disease out now called Shaking Leg Syndrome. You can take the pil to get rid of it, or you can just stop shaking your leg. It is up to you. The worst part is that these ads make me think that I really need the disease they want to cure me of. The commercials show cured patients living life to the fullest. The other day, I took my six year old to fly a kite. I couldn't get it off the ground and we went home. I then thought to myself, If I could only get genital warts, then I can take that pill and my kite would fly. I mean that is what it showed in the commercial. My wife wants me to get prostate problems so I can take the pill and I will want to ride my bike along side of her. She wants the romance back. I mean, these ads make it look like life begins with herpes? What is going on in the United STates?
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