London Bombing: ears are still ringing, but the facts aren't ringing true.

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 1:13am CST
Current investigation of the London subway bombing has turned up some surprisingly clear facts. The IDs of 3 bombers were located on their bodies. The IDs link to rental cars. The rental cars led to Leeds, where numerous houses were searched and at least one arrest made. Additional explosive materials have been seized. These facts sound like they are as fabricated and as well planned as Prince Charles's visit to the hosptial on the day of the attack. Are the authorities in London fabricating details in order to restore calm in a nation that's sharply divided over Iraq? If these details aren't fabricated and contrived, then they were planned by the terrorists themselves. So what is the purpose of suicide bombers who leave an evidence trail that leads authorities back to their operational cell within days of an attack?
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@forfein (2508)
2 Jan 07
Maybe it just shows how gullible they were in the first place to be "conscripted" into a Gang of Muslim Extremeists! They, and their families paid the price! We beat the IRA and we will beat this next load of Idiots!