Resolutions or hopes for the new year........

@Rosy001 (363)
South Africa
January 2, 2007 2:28am CST
Do you have any? Do you keep them? Does it actually work? Losing weight, picking up weight, learning a new language, stop smoking, start something new, buy a house, be a better person.....isn't it all just a thought that perhaps lasts for the moment and before the 1st week is up in Jan most have forgotten that they even had a resolution. I used to make resolutions but i never ever kept them. So now, I have resolutions throughout the year or should i say i have hopes for the new year and hopefully they'll come true. Like i'd like to learn a new language, i'd like my husband to stop smoking and i'd like for us to buy a house this year.......crossing my fingers...!!!!
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