Straight women find other women beautiful...Strange?

United States
January 2, 2007 3:39am CST
But if a guy were to say these things about another guy everyone would freak out... Why is this? I know that I am straight, have been married, in straight relationships etc... no problem. I look at men and find them sexy, attractive, what I look for in a mate. But at the same time I can look at many women~ especially Hollywood/TV/Movie women and see how amazing they look and admire that. Sometimes when I'm watching something with my ex- I'll say omg..she's soo hot~ look at that. He knows me by now so he'll agree or disagree and not freak out. I don't have a lot of female friends who feel the same way because most of them feel intimidated by the 'perfect' look and would rather be compared to some 'real' competetion. Girls out there--Can any of you relate to this? Can you see the beauty of women on TV or am I a few eggs short of a dozen? And guys: what do you think about this? What if your girl pointed out a hot chick on TV? What would your reaction be~ honestly! Help me out here.
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