Does ur baby sleep in the afternoon?

@jags25 (50)
January 2, 2007 4:41am CST
I have a 2 yr old baby. I try to put her to sleep in the afternoon since 2.30 but she seldom sleeps before 4.00 p.m. And she needs to play with me all the while. I just don't get time to go online every day and post here. Afternoon is the only time when I don't have other household chores.How do other moms manage??
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@raven55 (42)
• New Zealand
2 Jan 07
If my 2yr old has a sleep in the afternoon she doesnt go to sleep when she is meant to at night. She did today as we went somewhere a long way in the car so tonight it was 10 before she went to sleep. Hence the reason it is 11.45 pm where i live and i am still on here! I just get little sleep it seems!
@Jestin (560)
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
Most moms who are a 100% hands-on on taking care of their babies usually just have time for themselves when the baby's asleep. It's ok to put the baby to sleep in the afternoon. Babies need as much sleep as they can. The younger a person is, the longer the number of sleeping hours they require. It'll not only make your kid grow healthy and tall but it'll also give you time to take a rest and do things you want to.