Would you ever have your pet stuffed?

@Ashida (1370)
United States
January 2, 2007 8:03am CST
After a pet dies, would you send it to a taxidermist to be stuffed so you could keep it around the house? Have you known anyone who has done this?
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
2 Jan 07
That's gotta be the weirdest of things people do. I would say NO to that. Not anymore than I would have my relatives stuffed. Although that might be pretty funny when people came over and the living room was full of people not breathing. To me it just seems creepy. When my dog was alive we played and had a lot of fun, plus when ever I called her name she would come running. Having her stuffed in the corner somewhere just doesn't seem right.
• United States
4 Jan 07
Turk on Scrubs is the only one I've ever seen stuff his pet. I've heard of people doing it, but it would break my heart to see my "baby" staring lifelessly at me after all the years I watched him playing with the kids, giving me those "but I'm too cute" looks, etc. Noway, couldn't do it. Photos work for me.
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