Stomach tube feeding

June 24, 2006 11:43am CST
I don't know where to mom will be coming home with a stomach tube (Drs say she is not swallowing correctly, she has a trach right now) and I'm trying to find out whether she will have to be attached to this 24 hrs a day or would she just be attached during the evening hrs, she will also need some type of nocturnal ventilation, not sure what type yet.....right now, I'm somewhat overwhelmed and don't know where to begin or start. This all started 3 mos ago with lung cancer surgery that went well (tumor removed and did not spread) but her body just went haywire from the surgery and she has been in the hospital ever since. She has never had any serious health problems until now, she is 68 and was a heavy smoker, never had a hard time swallowing. I could go on since I do have alot of questions about alot of things. But, I guess right now I need to find out more about going home with a stomach tube and what that means.
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• Malaysia
16 Sep 06
I am considering a stomach tube ( PEG tube, that's what they call it ) for my dad ( 75 ) who is diagnosed with Parkinsons, Alzheimer and mid-dementia. He's physically fine and eating ok ( no hard food yet, just soft diet )but he's not drinking well. ( The doctors been telling me that he's malnourished and dehydrated ). The problems started 2 months ago when we discovered that his bladder start to bloat up cos he's not peeing for 2 days. After a scan, docs discovered that his large intestines are pretty blocked ( 5 kg of wastes ) and that pushes the urethra to be blocked as well. The rest follows with urethra infections and enlarge prostate....etc and finally after couple of "procedures", problems solved. In short, we were told that he's not exercising / walking and drinking enough which lead to the problems. Now, he's recovering well ( i think ) but the dietitians feels that he's not drinking enough although he's eating ok. They suggested a PEG procedures ( which is quite a simple procedure and safe too, according to them ). It is done under local sedation, which a tube in inserted from the mouth to the stomach and some scopes which will light up the stomach ( under dim conditions ). Then an incision will be done on the abdomen wall ( marking done by the light ) and the tube will be push from that incision. A bumper / stopper will prevent the tube from being pull out in the stomach and another bumper will prevent it from pulling in. After that feeding can start with the tube. It is 95% safe and the first couple of weeks, he should be prevented from doing any pulling on the tube. Lifespan of tube 6 months. Maybe your mom's procedure is the same one. Look for PEG tube on any search engine. Heard that this process is the best available solution. I understand your fears
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• United States
24 Jun 06
Start by putting "stomach tube" into your Internet search engine and see what comes up. There's a lot of information on the web about these things. You can also put in "lung cancer" "trach" and so forth.