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January 2, 2007 10:57am CST
I got here some tricky questions from the internet. They look so easy but watch out.. the answers are not as obvious as it may first seem! If you think that these are easy questions, then think again.. 1. When rushing away from the ball to get home before midnight, Cinderella lost one of the slippers that her fairy-godmother gave to her. What was the slipper made from? 2. What color is a polar bear's fur? 3. How long did the 'Hundred Years War' between England and France last? 4. What is the diameter of a boxing ring? 5. What or who usually wear dog tags? 6. That jolly chubby man in a red and white suit, called Santa Claus, where is he from? 7. How many balls are used in a game of 8-ball? 8. What is the colour of the 'black box flight recorder' used to record flight data on jet airliners? For the answers, you can visit Please let me know your score..:)
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@mariner68 (1278)
• India
2 Jan 07
answers 1. glass 2. colorless 3. hundred years 4. i dont know the answer 5. dogs 6. finland 7. eight 8. orange
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
Sorry! You got only one correct answer. Check the site if you have any doubts.. :)