what does the mona lisa smile say to u?

mona lisa  - this is a closeup pic, u can clearly see her smile and her eyes, the secrets that she holds are however hidden in the mind, can u guess what they are?
January 2, 2007 11:05am CST
forget the myths, forget all the stories, forget what the experts say, just tell us, what do u think the smile of mona lisa says to u when u see it and what secret do these eyes hold?you can make all sorta wild stories, it'll be fun rite now when i'm looking at the pic, it says to me, i'm smiling coz i pity mankind, for bringing destruction upon itself!and the secret is that it'll leave them no where! ( p.s: talking about facts,as per a report from cnn.com, scientists analyzed her portrait using computer software that recognises emotions, and judging her mood by examining the features such as curve of lips and crinkles aroudn the eys, they say she was 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful, and 2 percent angry :) but again, forget the computers, what do u say? )
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@Marie2473 (8517)
• Sweden
2 Jan 07
I´ve actually never iked that paiting and i really don´t see what is so special about it. i know i might me uniq but to me,.. It says absolutely nothing =)
• Pakistan
2 Jan 07
lolz! maybe that's what the smile is all about, she'z smiling and thinking hey what's all the fuss about!! i'm jus a plain, simple lady with a very plain smile n see all the hype i'm creating;)
@MALUSE (58226)
• Germany
20 Jul 16
I say: please read the Guidelines. Text speak is not allowed here. It's 'you', not 'u', etc.