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January 2, 2007 12:44pm CST
Back pain afflicts 50% of pregnant women,and it is a wonder that more are not affected by it!back pain can begin as early as the first trimester and last upto 6months postpartum.Not all back pain in pregnancy is because of pregnancy,and just because back pain is so common does not mean it is unavoidable or untreatable. Back pain during pregnancy follows one of three patterns-the pain occurs while sitting for long hours(lumbar pain);sacroiliac pain occurs in the posterior pelvis and deep in the butt area;nocturnal back pain is low back cramp like pre-menstuation pain. The treatment involves maintenance of proper posture and exercise.Joint manupulation of any kind is not advisable.WOMEN IN REASONAL SHAPE WHO GET ATLEAST 45MINUTES OF EXERCISE A WEEK ARE LESS LIKELY DEVELOP BACK PAIN.pregnant women should try to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes and try to maintain neutral posture at all times. BACK EXERCISES:walking a few minutes a day is a gentle back-conditioning exercise.pelvic tilts,leg lifts and arm -leg extension exercises help strengthen back muscles.
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