Scientific question about "Angels and Demons" by DAN brown

January 2, 2007 12:49pm CST
hey guys,after finishing this amazing and perfect novel, i'm just wondering, if the antimatter was released in space perhaps at a height of 4 miles above vatican city or be it any height, why is it that after it's explosion, when the antimatter reacted with the 'matter' as in scientific theory, there wasn't a devastation in vatican that was right under it? if i understand correctly, when matter is destroyed by antimatter, a vaccum should be created. so if this vaccum is suddenly completed, how does it get filled up? shouldn't this vaccum start sucking everything surrounding it with tremendous pressure? hence it should'v caused high tides, and perhaps it should've pulled up the entire vatican city and it's occupants 4 miles above in space, howcome the impact of devastation just restricted to the space above the city i wanted to ask this question from Mr. Dan brown but his official website doesn't have any links so far that could let me communicate with him. I raised up the same question on other discussion forums but haven't gotten a convincing reply so far. i hope there are scientists out here who could give me a reasonable explanation, or anyone else who read this novel and doesnt think it's a discrepency but things actually fit hope to get a suitable response soon, but incase anyone can provide me with mr.dan brown's proper email address, which i can authenticate from a reliable source as well, i'd really appreciate thanx :)
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