Japanese Citizens not Happy?

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 2:05pm CST
The main Issue japanese citizens should be unhappy about is that the visitis to yasukuni Shrine by Koizumi clearly contradicts the principal of Seperation of State and Religion. As PM in office, Koizumis actions are considered as actions of the state...does he forget this?? Visiting and praying at a Shinto shrine is an act of worship to the Sun goddess - the creator of japan. Though minor gods live in the shrines themselves. (doesnt matter whos remains are on the grounds) Shinto is Nationalistic by nature;The emperor is the Sun goddess incarnate, worship of the emperor is equivalent to worship of the sungoddess. Shinto is seen as the fuel for the ultra-nationalism which drove the Japanese military machine. It is for this reason that separtion of the state from religion is stipulated in the post-war constitution. But remember japan is facing a long economic downturn. Any country becomes more Nationalistic in such times. Koizumi is winning many browny points for ignoring the outrage from other countries..... (State sovereignty means one country cannot meddle in the domestic affairs of another) So even if some citizens are complaining about the visits, they will be easily influenced with a little nationalistic pep-talk if it means becoming stronger again!
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