Yes, that was the right thing to do, 211club, it is gone and it should be.

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 2:34pm CST
211club Too vague. It was a total open ended thread that could mean anything and say anything. and that was not fair, in my opinion and the moderators had no choice in that one. The moderators did the right thing 211club You should have been very specific and given them the option to leave it up or not leave it up, but it was so VAGUE, how to leave it up. I undertsand all your threads 211club, but not that one, not that one. Be specific and give people a fighting chance to leave it up. In any case, if you were saying what I think you were saying, it was again, the United States that was responsible for that mess as well. The United States is never far away from any of these messes.
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