Research and Markets: PS3 To Win The Console War

January 2, 2007 3:57pm CST
Altough Nintendo Wii was considered the revelation of this shopping season, the battle of gaming consoles is far from over and some analysts still believe that in the end Sony will win the war. According to a research called "The Transforming Global Video Games Market: The Emergence of Next Generation Gaming”, published by the research company Research and Markets, Sony PS3 “is expected to win the console war in the long term with an install base of around 75 million globally by 2010.” Still, as Research and Markets observes “the console is not expected to dominate as much as its predecessor, the PS2, due to late launch issues in the PAL region and the early lead of Microsofts Xbox 360.” Research And Markets isn’t the first company which sees PS3 as a winner, despite Blu-Ray problems and delays. In October 2006, Enterbrain President Hirokazu Hamamura said also that PS3 will be the winner. "The PS3 will have a tough time globally at the initial stage. Its launch titles in Japan and exclusive software titles overseas are quite limited. "But its overwhelmingly realistic graphics will give it a long life span. It will stay competitive even when a game console battle breaks out among a newer generation of machines in 2010. Sales should grow every time Sony cuts prices," Hamamura said. In August 2006 another research company forecasted that Sony’s PlayStation 3 will win the gaming console battle. Boston-based research firm Yankee Group reported that the game-console war will have found a winner by 2011 and that is PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 will come second and Nintendo Wii third. The respected market research firm predicted that by 2011, which means 5 years from now, PlayStation 3 will have more than 30 million units sold, Xbox 360 will closely follow with 27 million units and Nintendo will trail the other two giants with its Wii console, with only 11 million units. Translated in market share, that means 44% for PlayStation, which regains its dominant position, 40% for Xbox 360 and 16% for Nintendo’s Wii. According to preliminary research released by NPD and quoted by CNBC, Xbox 360 is the big winner of this holiday season in North America with 2 million Xbox 360 units sold America from November up until December 25. In the same period Nintendo sold 1.8 million units and Sony sold around 750.000 units. For the moment, according to, a website which is tracking the number of the consoles sold around the world, PS3 is on the third position. Microsoft sold 9,446,156 Xbox 360’s, Nintendo is credited with 2,208,955 units and Sony managed to sell only 854,627 PS3s.
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