Plot? Movie? WHY?

January 2, 2007 4:55pm CST
Anyone else confused why, in a horror film, the scared (and usually topless) woman runs up the stairs to get away from the masked murderer.... instead of running out the door? Or how 'bout that scene where a guy is presented with the opportunity to just say "this is what happened, it was just a misunderstanding" and then everything's hunky dory but instead says nothing leading to either sad consequences or in the right context, hilarity! Of course there are many, many, MANY other examples and if you want to share your example of mindless plot considerations, please do. I sure am confused! Of course, without some of these "odd" choices movies wouldn't exist or they'd be less interesting. It seems to me movies are more and more about the wrong choices people make, simply because these are often the most entertaining - as sick as it is to say such a thing. What do you think?
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2 Jan 07
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Hah! A minus from me too... bah, you people make me sick. Love the badge graphic 66!