i Faced my biggest fear, Had surgery thought i was going to die.

January 2, 2007 5:43pm CST
Hi i was a person who feared doctors, hospital, injections, i always kept myself healthy looked after myself to avoid such things, and in november just after my birthday i callapsed in pain to the floor never felt pain so bad like that it was like having a heart attack, fear number 1 i went to the doctors and thought and prayed that it was somethink silly but then the doctor told me that i need to be rushed into hospital what a shocker to me as my liver was at a high risk i was told, i had about 4 blood tests that day a scan and was told that i had gallstones in my gall bladder and that one was stuck and needed to be removed as fast as possible i thought they meant they was going to remove the stones from me and then inform the next day that they are going to take my gallbladder out now to help my liver i was very concerned about this as i didnt want to lose a piece of my body but went though it quite shocked that i did really so was my family as i was too wary of hospitals at the time i had in total 10 different blood tests in matter of 3 days it was a very shocking experience for me, my situation must of been very urgent as i had this done within a week of finding out most people have to wait at least 6 weeks onwards to have keyhole surgery but im glad they rushed me as its all over and done with now, i feel much better now since ive had it done just praying nothink else goes wrong as im only young still. if you want any advice or talk about your problems i will write back as i know alot about this now looked into it.
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