Hanging Saddam was a mistake

Saddam - saddam
@bimmer999 (1159)
January 2, 2007 9:22pm CST
i know he is a very bad dictator with war crimes/crimes against humanity but just look at the result of his execution...now iraq is in worst condition...HUNDREDS more of innocent people are being killed by the uproar of Saddam's supporters..bombing, shooting and the list goes on. is the life of hundreds of innocents worth it just to hang saddam? i dont think so. they should have just imprisoned him till he rots in his cell.
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• Philippines
3 Jan 07
If my memory seves me right, Iraq is a lot worser during Saddams reign. For now, these supporters of Saddam will come out to bring violence. Sooner, they will be convince that violence is not the answer. unless, these people don't want peace to come to Iraq.