failed american foreign policy ! it is a joke and a clown show !

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 9:36pm CST
THE UNITED STATES? FAILED FOREIGN POLICY FOBBED OFF AS THE INEVITABLE TRIUMPH OF DEMOCRACY ! IN THE MIDDLE EAST Time Magazine March 14, 2005, carries the title of their lead article ?S THE BUSH DOCTRINE PAYING OFF ? I do not read the magazine which is all American propaganda, but I subscribe to it because their give-away is more than my annual subscription. However, this particular issue is so very ridiculous, and against the weight of evidence that I decided to waste 15 minutes of my time reading it. Bush? so called doctrine of pre-emption is so ill thought out, naive and stupid that today 150,000 Gis are trapped in an impossible situation in Iraq, not to mention that cheerful result that more than 1500 Gis have lost their lives and more than 15,000 Gis have become disabled and helpless shell shocked non functioning veterans, dependants of the state. The United States of America has already spent US$ 1 trillion on this insane war in Iraq that has yielded nothing but the continuous drain on national treasures and countless hopeless families and individuals; casualties of this unnecessary war. To think that such dismal out-come can be the subject of NATIONAL CROWING BY A LEADING AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, says volumes for the sort of sick society that the USA has become. WHAT IS IT THAT TIME MAGAZINE is CROWING ABOUT ? They blow their triumphant horns and declare that ?HANGE HAS STARTED BECAUSE OF THE AMERICAN INVASION OF IRAQ?quoting Lebanon? Walid Jumblatt. This supporter of the American cause had reason to crow because only the day before anti-Syrian demonstrators touting the ?emork-cra-sy cause?had forced the resignation of the pro-Syrian Prime Minister, Mr Omar Karami BUT WAS IT THAT SIMPLE ? I did not think that a small pro-demorkcra-sy demonstration of a mere 25,000 mostly non-Muslim demonstrators could amount to ? brass rezoo? I also did not think that the People? elected Prime Minister, Mr Omar Karami would simply resign on that account. It was immediately announced by the Hizbollah that a counter demonstration is to be mounted by forces that support Syria and the pro-Syrian Prime Minister Mr Omar Karami. Come the day of the scheduled demonstration more than 500,000 pro-Syrian demonstrators thronged the city of Beirut. This number trumps the pro-demork-cra-sy supporters by a factor of 20 times. If each demonstrator carries ONE VOTE FOR HIS CAUSE, then the pro-Syrian voter-demonstrator would score 80% of the voter register and the pro-American/demork-cra-sy voter/demonstrator will only make up 20% of the voter register. THEREFORE WHAT IS THE CONTENT FOR THE US TRIUMPHANT ILLUSION THAT DE MORK=CRA-SY FORCES have awakened by THAT DAMNED AMERICAN INVASION OF IRAQ ? Consider the developments that took place and if I were American, which thank god I am not, I would BLUSH A BRIGHT RED. Having said that, it is not the first flashes of an alleged budding of de-mork-cra-sy that need bother the Americans, but more realistically, the issue that ought to bother the Americans is the UNFORESEEN AND UNPLANNED CONSEQUENCES THAT WILL NATURALLY FOLLOW from the ?ull in a china shop?prospect that they ought to worry the Americans. They naively believed that their occupation of Iraq was to be welcomed by ?OSE PETALED?streets lined by beautiful Iraq VIRGINS, but instead they were SPRAYED BY ENDLESS ROUNDS OF AK47 BULLETS. In Lebanon they again were naively led by that demonstration by 25,000 to believe that the FLOWERING OF DEMORK-CRA-SY was nigh ! SUCKERS ! Common sense ought to guide the Americans to be less profuse in their woopin and yellen ! Again the American have EGG IN THEIR FACE make their pre-mature crowing very embarrassing and hard to live down. At this point I like to extract my share of gloating. From my perspective Prime Minister Omar Karami out-manoeuvred the Americans, because he knew that with a 40% Shiites component in the Lebanese population and the support of the mighty Hizbollah. Omar Karami CANNOT BE DEFEATED ! That is the reality on the ground and that is his trump card which he played to perfection. To demonstrate his strength Omar Karami RESIGNED following the demonstration by so called pro-de-mork-cra-sy forces and this he did to the jubilation and glee of his opponent who are lackeys of the USA. He knew that his support base in 20 times that of his opponent; and they did not fail him because the government formed in the wake of his resignation IS A PRO-SYRIAN GOVERNMENT WITH OMAR KARAMI AS PRIME MINISTER ! Is this not egg in the face of President Bush, PRESIDENT OF TIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ? I wrote some two and a half years ago an article posted in Chinadaily that when the world community lose confidence in the might of the USA they will demonstrate their CONTEMPT FOR THE USA BY DISAGREEING WITH ANYTHING THAT THE USA TRIES TO PROMOTE. Hizbollah and the Lebanese people have come out to embarrass the Bush government by showing him a pro ?ide?and then to tear his face by a counter demonstration that makes HIS CLAIM THAT LEBANESE PEOPLE WANT AMERICAN DE-MORK-CRA-SY. They put a lie to Bush? CLAIM. Bush also claim that the much touted ?xcellent result obtained in the Iraqi election has made Iraq a show case example to the Middle East that de-mork-cra-sy is inevitable ! What crap ! He also touted that Egypt is also heading towards de mork-cra-sy because the inexorable march of de mork cra-sy is unavoidable. I want to see Egypt become a demork-cra-sy ! Bush also say that Saudi Arabia is heading towards demork-cra-sy ! I like to see that !
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