The Battle for the Middle East begins!

@andygogo (1579)
January 2, 2007 9:45pm CST
At stake in this battle are "Black gold" worth 20 million barrels a day. The Saudis, Kuwaitis, UAE, Qatar and Iraq has all capitulated. The Middle Kingdom is saved from the "Cornered Lion" Japan scenerio but is still worried about lack of oil for the Island nations could cause instability. Nations such as Taiwan, Japan are most worrying. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Persia are the few "free nation" left in the Middle East. The first salvo has begun, Syria is being accused of "assasinating a ex-premier", and Israel is doing a "911 style" explosion - to conveniently accused Syria of the same. The second "Chicken" nation seems to be Syria. (Thailand and Phillipines is wise to prevent escalation of terrorism but those two countries will be terrible hurt when Oil shortages reach their soil.....SOB!) The Jewish-American Empire should encompassed Saudi ARabia to Syria and From Israel to Iraq! Armegeddon has started! The solution now would be "Vietnam style" battle.......key battles Syria, Jordan and Persia! I wonder whether Egypt would join the battle. So Sad!
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