Peter Pan and Cain and Abel, Francisco De Medici, Oh My!

United States
January 2, 2007 9:55pm CST
Trinity Blood plays merry heck with historical and literary figures. Cain, Abel, Seth and Lilith. Peter Pan, Wendy, Francesco de Medici, Radu Tepes, William Wordsworth... the list goes on and on. In some cases, the characters mimic their namesakes. In some cases, the names seemed chosen just because. Do you think all these little nods to classic and well known figures adds to or detracts from the show?
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• Brazil
17 Jan 07
I found it great, all these little hints and famous characters, but however around episode 12-14 the show stopped showing supporting characters and isntead it became "the Abel show". Great series in the beggining, a rather ho-hum middle and a terrible ending, I do hope the second bunch of novels make it to animation without them spoling the story again.
• India
3 Jan 07
well i just know peter pan
@emarie (5447)
• United States
3 Jan 07
i think it adds because people relate to it. i mean, the peter pan thing was cute. and since its something most people know, it becomes familiar and draws you more into the story. i'm not much of a biblical person, so it took me a while to figure out the cain and abel thing, but when you think about the story...everything makes sense.