Intelligence in parrots!!

January 3, 2007 2:42am CST
Studied with captive birds have given insight into which bird specie is the most intellient.Parrots have the distinction of being able to mimic human speech, studies with the African Grey Parrot has shown that some are able to associate the words with their meanings and form simple sentences. Along with crows, ravens and jays parrots are considered the most intelligent of the birds. Not only the parrots have shown that they are intelligent but some species of the parrots have shown skills like using tools and solving puzzles.
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@aboth39 (55)
• Netherlands
17 Jan 07
Our African Grey Parrot is now 2,5 years old. He is smart and imitating our speech, he can whisle the bridge over river kwai, he spits (as he hears it from me) and he is so smart to give an answer on the phone. So I believe they are intelligent but it is said they have the brains of a child of 4 or 5 years old.
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@catherIN (430)
• United States
18 Jan 07
I have two African Greys. They are very smart. One likes to try to keep my kids in line.When he hears my 2 youngest getting loud, he says things like "Girls! Be quiet", " Sit down,now!" or "Stop It!" He also likes to tease my grandaughter.He calls her by name & says "Come here". When she gets close to him, he suddenly lets out a scream to scare her. My other Parrot, carries on phone conversations, which include saying my father's full name & his medicine presciption numbers. She also tries to lure people by saying "give me a kiss".The few people that have been silly enough to fall for it were bit. Her response then was " I bite"! Once when the kids were real loud & wild, she looked at them & asked "Do you bite?" African Greys do seem to be around the mental & emotional age of a toddler to 4 or 5 year old. One of mine, will call me by saying " Mommy" or "Grandma" when he gets jealous of my attention being on the kids or my other bird.He sings a "good morning" song every morning when I get up. Both birds tell me "I love you". They get lonely, mad, excited , jealous & can be affectionate. All in all, it is like having 2 more kids in the house.
@kareng (48670)
• United States
17 Jan 07
Yes, parrots are very smart. Alex, one of the Grey's used in Dr. Pepperberg's research knows the alphabet and all of the primary colors. They are truly amazing!
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
i love parrots. They're so cute and smart. How i wish i could own one and train it myslef.
@hasseyg (312)
10 Jan 07
I used to have a parrot and yes they are so intelligent, they are like humans.