has somone you trusted ever betrayed you?

January 3, 2007 4:33am CST
i was friends with a person called Adam since the age of five, we was friends for just over 18 years until recently. suddenly the whole friendship just changed so quickly, i did'nt understand why. just about a month ago my girlfriend told me Adam asked her out. i was outraged, i could'nt believe that a friend of my'n for 18 years could do that. he phoned me up and acted like everything was ok, so i kept calm because basically i did'nt want to believe that a friend of my'n would do that, especially when i have two kids and one on the way with my girlfriend. i asked him calmly right at the end of our conversation if it was true, he just laughed, and put the phone down. that was all i needed to know it was true. a friend of my'n who i trusted with my life, and suddenly i just feel so betrayed, not just me, but my whole family. have you ever trusted someone so much and then felt so betrayed? a best friend, a family member, a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband? because if you did, then lets talk about it. i just hope this topic helps people to let it out as it's hard to admit that you trusted someone so much and then get betrayed. thankyou.
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