cigarret smoking

@lalit20 (178)
January 3, 2007 10:33am CST
should the government ban smoking. government should ban cigarrets beacause of harming the human beings. government had to stop selling and producing of cigarette companies in froeseeing the citizens health
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• United States
20 May 07
I do not think it is the job of our government to tell you "you can't smoke" it is a personal chose. should public buildings like airports, court houses, be smoke free "yes" but should the government tell a bar owner that their bar must be smoke free "No" what a person does or doesn't do should be no business of the government.
• United States
4 Jan 07
I dont think they should. If they ban smoking because it's bad for you then they'd have to ban everything bad for you and it would be out of hand. Being overweight is bad for you, how to keep people from being overweight? Drinking is bad for you if you do it too much, how to maintain an average? I think government needs to spend it's time doing other things.
• Singapore
3 Jan 07
Yes it should be banned...but most countries govt get a lot of tax from these companies that produce them...unless you willing to pay higher taxes, so govt can have revenue.