Saddam hussain commited two blunders.

@timuss (474)
January 3, 2007 11:15am CST
He antagonized the West ,which no dictator can do and survive for long in the present world order. Had he remained in good books of US , he and his son would have flourished until the very end. He could have continued atrocities with absolute impunity. His second blunder was to allow himself to be captured alive by his enemies. Have u used the Right To Information Act yet? As this act is considered as a revolutionary and to empower people on the street. This act is been in action in US for many years and every year more than 5-6 lacs use this act there, while I afraid many in India is still unaware of it. So my question is hv u used this act yet? I hv used this act to know my semester marks and how the student fund which is collected last year is used by university authority. And to my utmost surprise I hv got very expatiate report within 15 days. I really feel that every Indian must use it as much as one can.
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